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Branimir Jelic Arrested at U.S. Customs, February 1939 (New York Times)

Title: News Excerpt: Croat Leader in Hospital
Source: New York Times, February 18, 1939.
Date: February 18, 1939

News Excerpt: Croat Leader in Hospital

The Amerian branch of the Ustase movement, the Domobranci or "Home Defenders," came under increasing scrutiny as Europe edged closer to war. In 1939, Dr. Branimir "Branko" Jelic made a visit to the United States to help organize the Home Defenders. He was arrested at customs and, per the news release below, hospitalized after he began a short-lived hunger strike to protest his imprisonment.


Dr. Jelic in 2d Day of Hunger Strike on Ellis Island

Dr. Branimir Jelic, a leader in the Croatian independence movement, was in the hospital yesterday at Ellis Island after the second day of a hunger strike over his detention there. Dr. Jelic has been held since Feb. 3 because his passport apparently was not in order, according to Byron H. Uhl, Director of Immigration.

Mr. Uhl said he believed Dr. Jelic arrived here from Germany. He said the doctor started the hunger strike Wednesday and that on Thursday night, when he complained of being "weak," was taken to the hospital.

The latest report from the hospital was that Dr. Jelic was taking liquid nourishment and that, if this continued, he would soon be back on a normal diet, Mr. Uhl said.

The immigration official denied, however, that force had been used. The entry of Dr. Jelic into this country is now before officials in Washington.


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