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Dr. Branimir Jelic Gains Right to Apply to Enter U.S. Again (NYT, July 18, 1939)

Title: News Excerpt: Dr. Jelic Wins in Court
Source: New York Times, July 18, 1939.
Date: July 18, 1939

News Excerpt: Dr. Jelic Wins in Court

One of the founding members of the Ustase movement, Dr. Branimir Jelic, was arrested immediately upon his arrival in the United States as a security risk in 1939. According to this news report, he was released by a court, but later was followed by FBI agents across the country as he visited local offices of the American branch of the Ustase, the Home Defenders. Jelic was imprisoned in London a few years later when the newly-formed Independent State of Croatia declared war on Britain. After the war, he led one of the most moderate offshoots of the Ustase movement based in Germany.

Berlin Physician Gains Right to Apply to Enter U.S. Again

Dr. Branimir Jelic, a well-to-do Berlin physician, won the right to another chance for permission to enter this country as a visitor under a decision handed down yesterday by the United States Circuit Court of Appeals. Dr. Jelic came here in February from Hungary, but has been excluded on the ground that he had not shown himself to be here purely as a visitor.

The decision under which Dr. Jelic will either be allowed to enter or at least receive another hearing was written by Judge Charles E. Clark, with Judge Thomas W. Swan concurring and Judge Harris B. Chase dissenting. The court referred to a letter from Yugoslav authorities saying that Dr. Jelic had come here to arouse discontent among Yugoslavians, but held that he was entitled to a fair hearing on that and other points.


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