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subota, listopada 02, 2004

From the US Army File on Ante Pavelic's stay in Vatican after collapse of NDH

Title: CIC Information Sheet
Source: US Army, declassified.
Date: c. July 1947

CIC Information Sheet

From the US Army File on Ante Pavelic: This document confirms the information given in Agent William Gowen's previous report, right down to the room number. This appears to have been prepared in final preparation for enforcing an arrest on Pavelic, on Vatican property if need be. The list of "other Ustasha personalities" is only a handful of the high-ranking officials who would escape from justice, contrary to claims made elsewhere that only Pavelic and one or two other Ustase escaped justice after the war. Within the next 18 months, nearly the entire cabinet of the Independent State of Croatia will have relocated to Buenos Aires.


Subject: Ante PAVELIC and other USTASHA personalities

1. Ante PAVELIC is in hiding as an ex-HUNGARIAN General under the name of "Giuseppe". He wears a small pointed beard and has his hair cut short at the sides after the fashion of a German Army officer.

2. Hi [sic] is living on Church property under the protection of the Vatican, at Via Giacomo Venezian No. 17-C, second floor. On entering the building you go along a long and dark corridor. At the end of the corridor there are two stairways, one to the left and one to the right. You must take the right. On the right the rooms are numbered 1,2,3, etc. If you knock once or twice at door No. 3 an unimportant person will come out. But if you knock three times at door No. 3, door No. 2 will open. It leads to the room where PAVELIC lives, together with the famous BULGARIAN terrorist Vancia MIKOILOFF and two other persons.

3. About twelve other men live in the building. They are all Ustasha and make up PAVELIC's bodyguard.

4. When PAVELIC goes out he uses a car with a Vatican (SCV) number-plate.

5. The following persons visit the convent occasionally:

a) Ivica FRKOVIC, editor of the Ustasha Paper "Hrvatski Narod";
b) Dr. Feliks POLJANIC, Asst. chief of police SARAJEVO;
c) Ciro KUDUIA, Ustasha Colonel;
d) Dr. VIDALI, Asst. chief of the Ustasha-Croat Security Police;
e) Zvonko DUGANIC, Asst. chief of Croat Information Service (he lives in ROME, tel.N. 43302);
f) Peter SIMIC;
g) Dr. Lovro SUSIC, secretary of Ustasha movement in Italy. Travels frequently (ROME BOLOGNA, TRIESTE). At present living in CASERTA.
h) Joso ZUBIC, police commissioner of SARAJEVO;
i) Husnija HRUSTANOVIC, journalist;
j) Zdravko BJELOMARIC.


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