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The Ustase Croatian Liberation Movement

Title: The Ustase Croatian Liberation Movement
Source: Ustasa Hrvatski Oslobodilacki Pokret, 1 January 1929-1979.
Translated by Sinisa Djuric
Date: 1997

The Ustase Croatian Liberation Movement

The following is taken from the introduction of a book published recently in Zagreb by the Croatian Liberation Movement. This represents, generally, how the successors of Ante Pavelic think of themselves and their movement; the HOP was founded by Pavelic and forms a rather miniscule political fringe movement in Croatia today.


When streams of tears soaked the faces of millions of Croatian men and women, and the peace-loving politicians were hiding to save their necks, the voice of Starcevic's follower was heard: a parliament deputy for the city of Zagreb, Dr. Ante Pavelic, who rose in defense of his people, accepted the challenge of the glove thrown in the face of the dictator-king and went on the offensive for Croatian national and state rights. The king stood the Croats on 6 January [1929] before an open tomb, but Dr. Ante Pavelic on 7 January - only a day later - created in Zagreb the Ustase Croatian Liberational Movement. After assigning tasks and giving instructions to his Ustase, he went abroad and proclaimed a war against the mortal enemy.

The life and struggle of the Ustase Poglavnik were extremely difficult. All politicians, both foreign and Croatian, considered him an adventurer, a fanatic, too young, inexperienced, pretentious, and even insane for getting into such an unpromising struggle, facing mortal danger every day rather than sitting in Zagreb as a famous lawyer and deputy, living as many others did at the people's expense. Dr. Ante Pavelic rather embraced his life, like a persecuted wolf. He was sentenced to death three times by Belgrade, and several attempts on his life were prevented only at the last moment. In spite of it all, the Ustase Poglavnik created the Principles of the Ustase, according to which the Croatian liberation struggle would be waged and according to which the Independent State of Croatia must be organized; he looked for patriots and comrades all over Croatia and abroad, sent instructions and orders, created more organizations, published several papers, every now and then leaflets and pamphlets, and thus in both Croatian and foreign languages propagated Starcevic's idea of Croatian State Rights and looked for friends and allies in demolishing Serbian Yugoslavia and establishing the Independent State of Croatia. He put his enemies on notice with the Principles of the Croatian Revolutionary Movement, Article 8 of which reads:

8. The Croatian nation has the right to revive its sovereign authority in its own Croatian State in its entire national and historical area, that is to say to reconstitute a complete, sovereign and independent Croatian state. This reconstitution may be accomplished by any means, including force of arms.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man, which was the result of the great French Revolution a hundred years before [sic], justifies resistance against tyrants in its second article, and all constitutions of freedom-loving nations justify the use of force against every foreign occupation and violent rule as the only way possible for deprived nations to liberate themselves from slavery and achieve their rights.
Therefore, there is no justified criticism of the Ustase Liberation Movement, because it grew out of hearts and wishes of all nationally conscious Croats, and because it performed the most exalted duty: it destroyed the dictator and dictatorship, and with them the foreign occupier that was just about to pronounce a death sentence over the Croatian people. Moreover, the Ustase Liberation Movement also accomplished the greatest achievement in history: it established Independent State of Croatia in the entirety of the Croatian ethnic and historical area, even greater than the kingdom of Tomislav - even greater than the kingdom of Petar IV the Great.

When the Ustase Movement achieved its goal on the legendary date of 10 April 1941, the Croatian people hailed the achievement in a plebiscite, and aligned themselves with the ranks of Ustase fighters with an enthusiasm never seen before, with courage and heroism defending the Independent State of Croatia, thousands dying in the battlefields with the war cry: For Poglavnik and for Home! [Za Poglavnika i za Dom]

Being happy and satisfied with the Ustase's achievements, every conscious Croat invested all his powers in saving the Independent State of Croatia. Four years of daily assaults and and the countless numbers of victims, granted by Croats in defense of their self-determination, testify to their sacrifice.

It is an honor to the Croatian people and their Ustase Liberation Movement that their young State, assaulted by international Marxism, Serbian imperialism, and plutocratic and naive statesmen, resisted millions of assaults and remained the last state in Eastern Europe built upon the principles of the defense of HUMAN RIGHTS.

Knowing what is already written in history, then, criticism of the Croatian Liberation Movement by a Croatian intelligentsia mutilated by Socialism are ridiculous and completely hostile to the Croatian people, not least of all because Socialists or Marxists themsleves were the main enemies of Freedom and the Croatian State.

Today, when Croatia is again in a similar situation as it was during dictatorship of King Alexander, it is the most cherished duty of all pro-statehood Croats to align themselves in the ranks of the Croatian Liberation Movement, and united just as we were on the Tenth of April of 1941, destroy the Serbian occupation and restore the Independent State of Croatia in the entire ethnic and historical area of Croats.

To Ustase Poglavnik Dr. Ante Pavelic, as well as to his honorable legion of Ustase heroes and knights, we pay our filial respect and make the promise that we will continue their uncompromising struggle for restoration of FREEDOM AND CROATIAN STATE RIGHTS.


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    .At the Yalta Conference, February 1945, U.S. President F. D. Roosevelt stated: “The crime of genocide committed against Serbs and Jews in the death camps of Croatia – the Croats should prohibit the possibility of establishing an independent state for the next 1000 years.”...


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